Latest Foalings

MOONFIGHTER             15/08/17    Bay colt x Ready for Victory

GAME SERENA               20/08/17   Bay colt x Magnus

MONIRA                            20/08/17  Ch. colt x Shooting To Win

POPCORN CHARLEY    27/08/17  Bay colt x Eurozone

FIRE SONG                       02/09/17  Chest. colt x Ready for Victory

MISS PENDELLA           05/09/17   Bay filly  x Magnus

ZARENZA                          12/09/17    Bay filly  x Toronado (IRE)

ALANZA                             16/09/17   Chest. filly x Redente

ISOLA BLU                        17/09/17    Bay filly x Toronado(IRE)

AMY MAY                          19/09/17    Bay Filly x Kuroshio

LINDYHOP                       22/09/17    Bay Filly  x Night Of Thunder (IRE)

FIERY FLIRT                    25/09/17    Chest. Filly x Reward for Effort

CATHERINE LOUISE    27/09/17     Bay Filly  x Brazen Beau

VAQUEROS DREAM      05/10/17     Chest. Colt x BonHoffa

MACSPLASH                     07/10/17     Bay Filly x Testa Rossa

KARMA GIRL                    09/10/17     Bay Colt x Ready for Victory

WARBLE                              16/10/17     Chest.colt x Moshe

BLEVICS BELLE               24/10/17     Chest.colt x Good Journey

PAPARAZZI DREAMER 01/11/17      Bay colt  x Fighting Sun

HOLD ME NED                  09/11/17      Chest.colt x Puissance DeLune (IRE)

MYRON AUDACIAS         12/11/17       Bay Filly x Copabella Visage

DOUBLE MALT                  13/11/17       Bay Filly x Magnus