At Heartford, we offer a range of services for thoroughbreds including :

  • Broodmare agistment
  • Foaling Down
  • Breeding Preparation
  • Weaning
  • Weanling/yearling agistment
  • Spelling of Racehorses
  • Horse Transport


All imminent mares are monitored 24/7  and Vet assistance is close at hand if it is needed.Mares are foaled in designated foaling paddocks with safe fencing and fresh clean pasture.Mares and their newborn foals are stabled for the first few days on straw bedding with a foal rug for newborns in cool temperatures.They are weighed and an IgG test is done on farm within 18-20 hours of birth to ensure that sufficient antibodies have been transferred from the mare to the newborn.The mares and foals are turned out into a small paddock until ten days old and then will be introduced into a paddock with another mare and foal.


Foals are handled form birth and a halter is placed on them from two days old.The foals are lead into the barn with the mares daily.Foals are routinely drenched (dewormed) and vaccinated from 2 months of age. Foals are weaned between five to six months of age ,taking into account the individual horse’s needs. We paddock wean and find that foals settle very quickly when joined by a nanny mare and  other foals for companionship. After the weanlings have settled in the new group with the nanny ,they are led into the barn and stabled for 7-10 days and get lead out into the paddock daily with plenty of floating practice and grooming .Each foal/weanling is branded and microchipped .Owners can make use of the Heartford brand if needed.


It is standard practice at Heartford for all mares to be fully vaccinated. We also perform our own Faecal Egg Counts (FECs) onsite to ensure the horses in our care are maintained in the best of health and condition. Due to the Boutique style of the farm, we are able to ensure mares are grouped well and all mares get special attention as needed.Mares are fed a balanced diet with a quality mineral supplement twice a day.As the summer months approach,fly masks are placed on all mares on the hot days to alleviate the irritation from flies.All dry and pregnant mares are rugged during the colder months at no extra charge.

We are also able to do walk-ins for mares to all stud farms in Victoria for breeding. Broadford Equine Clinic services Heartford all year round providing expert veterinary care for your mare and foal. We prepare your mare for breeding each season with a seasonal Vet contract or the option of Paying per scan.

All mare returns and foal ownership declarations are completed on your behalf.


We offer a more personalised horse transport service for walk ins to stud farms in victoria as well as general horse transport,with our custom made three horse angle float, fitted with video surveillance , self draining and anti slip rubber floor.Please call 0401605284 for a quote.